Photo by David Eck of SVB in Annabelle Lopez Ochoa's  Prism,  inspired by Keith Jarrett's  Köln Concert.

Photo by David Eck of SVB in Annabelle Lopez Ochoa's Prism, inspired by Keith Jarrett's Köln Concert.

About the Music

Jorma Elo's Glow-Stop

The score for Glow-Stop is comprised of two works, with over three hundred years between the composition of each; the fourth movement of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart's Symphony No. 28 in C Major, and the Second Movement of Phillip Glass's Tirol Concerto

Mozart's Symphony No. 28 in C Major is the last piece in the composer's "Salzburg series". The work was composed in the early 1770s. With a tempo indication of Presto, this work is intended to be "very, very fast."


Phillip Glass's Tirol Concerto for Piano and Orchestra (also known as the Piano Concerto No. 1), was composed in 2000. The work displays the traditional minimalist elements which characterize the composer's music.

Annabelle Lopez Ochoa's Prism

Annabelle Lopez Ocho's Prism is inspired by and danced to music from Part 1 of Keith Jarrett's legendary Köln Concert recording. The Köln Concert is a concert recording by the pianist Keith Jarrett of solo piano improvisations performed at the Opera House in Cologne on January 24, 1975. The double-vinyl album was released in the autumn of 1975 by the ECM Records label to critical acclaim, and went on to become the best-selling solo album in jazz history, and the all-time best-selling piano album with sales of more than 3.5 million. 

Ohad Naharin's Minus 16

Ohad Naharin's Minus 16 draws musical inspiration from varied sources, and features an eclectic score ranging from Dean Martin to mambo, techno to traditional Israeli music. A listing of the included works follows, with links when available.

“It Must Be True” performed by The John Buzon Trio. Written by Gus Arnheim, Harry Barris and Gordon Clifford. Used by permission with EMI Mills Music Inc. 

“Hava Nagila” ©1963, ren. 1991 Surf Beat Music. All rights reserved. Written and arranged by Dick Dale under license from Surf Beat Music (ASCAP).

“Echad Mi Yode’a” Lyrics and Music Traditional. Arranged by The Tractor’s Revenge (Green, Belleli, Leibovitch). Published by The Tractor’s Revenge (Green, Belleli, Leibovitch).

This recording is not available for sale. The link below provides lyrics, translation and illustration of the music used with permission by, a partner of Behrman House, and illustrated by Aaron Schachter. 

“Nisi Dominus, R.608 – IV. “Cum dederit” (Andante)” by Vivaldi performed by James Bowman, The Academy of Ancient Music and Christopher Hogwood.

“Over The Rainbow” by E.Y. ‘YIP’ Harburg and Harold Arlen. Used by permission of EMI Feist Catalog Inc. One Hundred Percent (100%) ASCAP.

“Hooray For Hollywood” (Richard Whiting and Johnny Mercer) ©1937 (Renewed) WB Music Corp. (ASCAP) All rights reserved. Used by permission. Written by John Mercer and Richard Whiting. Used by permission with Warner/Chappell Music.

“Sway” by Pablo Beltran Ruiz, Luis Demetrio, Traconis Molina, and Norman Gimbel; Words West LLC d/b/a Butterfield Music (BMI). All rights reserved.